Mit kell tudni a berlini U-Bahnról?

Bvg know. BVG Fahrinfo

bvg know

Újdonságok a bvg know. Are you late to a meeting in another part of the city and need to know the quickest route to work for all transport types?

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No problem. Do you need to plan your connections and need access to all transport modes to plan your trip?

bvg know

You will be able to view multiple travel options to suit your needs and buy a ticket in the bvg know. Why not save them and get quicker results, every destination is saved so you can start your journey quicker and plan your route. Need to get home on the subway from your favourite restaurant or looking to pick up something sweet from your favourite store? Your saved destinations are there for you in the app.

Notifications Required Really like the app, and the convenience. I would love to be able to receive a notification one day before my monthly ticket arrives. Just activate notification after you bought the first monthly ticket.

BVG Fahrinfo has a map feature of all the different transport routes in the bvg know and live travel information for all bus, train, tram and subway lines for Berlin and Brandenburg.

Each map works in addition to the bvg know travel information so that you can know which transport is best for you!

bvg know

Select the best travel route or check the Berlin travel szív lobban a partnerkeresés to buy a ticket for any bus, train, tram or subway trip using the app just press on the travel option you want to take or your chosen route, then press on the ticket and you are good to go!