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    Május Tweet After a fighting partnerek break, our team will play in a fighting partnerek match again on May 30th. Our opponent will be Paksi FC, who are fighting for survival in the first division, the game will be held on Saturday night with kick off at After 25 rounds of the league season, Paks are not in the relegation position due only to having won more games, and they have the same 28 points as the 11th place ZTE, but our opponent on Saturday has won 8 league games so far, while the Zala team have only 7 victories.

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    Paks has the third most vulnerable defence in the league, with 42 goals having been conceded in 25 NB I matches, with only Kaposvár 57 goals conceded and DVSC 46 goals fighting partnerek in more goals. More than half of the 30 goals scored by Paks, a total of 17, have been scored by three players: Norbert Könyves with seven to his name, Dániel Böde and János Hahn both have found the net five times so far.

    In early November, the Greens fighting partnerek White broke up their contract with former fighting partnerek Tomislav Szivic, who was still the head coach of Paks FC in the August ismerősök aerokurier between each other.

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    Last summer we confidently picked up a success away with the fighting partnerek coming from Futács and Petryak - our Ukrainian winger scored his first goal in that match for our club! Paks have won five times at home and also lost by the same number of times this season, while having drawn twice, scoring 16 goals and conceding The Greens, on the other hand, defeated the two cup final teams, Bp.

    In recent weeks, Paks have played several friendly matches. They faced league-leaders FTC and the game ended in a draw.

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    They also twice faced current bottom side Kaposvár and both games ended in a draw, while Újpest were defeated away, which means that Paks were able to remain unbeaten in the May friendly matches.