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It's a kind of experience that the audience can't stay indifferent to. To Hód, the audience are just as important, if not more important, than her dancers. She teases us, working on us until our thick shells open up, and we stand there waiting for the unknown, just like the performers in SUNDAY themselves.

Hód-Mezőgazda Zrt.: Jó példaként mutatjuk be a Termékdíjas újdonságokat – VIDEÓ!

The visceral bodily experience, which arises hód know the self-disclosure and explosions of energy from the dancers, sweeps away all false illusions and ideas. Hód clears away the glaze from everything. She does, in a relentlessly systematic way, exactly what her dancers have done for years: reaching for areas that are inappropriate, touching parts that are sometimes uncomfortable.

But we have hód know see them.

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Because it's intriguing. Because it doesn't let us sit back. Because it helps us to know ourselves better. Dance and us. What is the role of dance? How does it affect the outside world?

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And how does it affect dancers themselves? What does it mean to be a dancer today? How does a dancer view a choreographer, and vice versa?

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What kinds of creativity exist? Opinions on dance.

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Moral judgements on dance. Is dance dangerous?

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The legitimacy and comprehension of different cultural norms and value systems. What is immoral and what is not?

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Today it seems as if we have moved beyond such categorization, or have hód know Everything is permitted. But is everything really permitted?

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What is the future of dance? Utopian ideas.

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What is the point of dance? Ábris Gryllus about the music of the piece: The idea behind the score of SUNDAY was to create a musical atmosphere which is sacral, but disturbing and bitter.

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Clublike, but also relentless hód know pitiless towards the dancers and the audience. Therefore, at some point the whole hód know progress started to gravitate towards the aesthetics of gabber.

Not techno, gabber. Aggressive, street, ruthless and uplifting, visceral and sublime.

Just like a football anthem. Part of the process was to analyze and deconstruct the genre. Then use significant elements of it on their own, as repetitive, almost meditative, but still uneasy skeletal patterns. The score is performed live in synergy with the dancing.

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