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    Marco Rose to leave our club in the summer year-old German to join Borussia Mönchengladbach Our head coach is heading for the German Bundesliga and has signed a contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach. Leaving along salzburg know Marco Rose this summer for the side currently fifth in the German Bundesliga will also be assistant coaches Salzburg know Maric and Alexander Zickler as well as athletics coach Patrick Eibenberger.

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    Our club will now look for a successor who can determinedly continue our playing philosophy. The club has nothing to say, of course, on any speculation currently circulating about a successor.

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    Christoph Freund says: We have always had good conversations with Marco, with the kind of very open communication we have always enjoyed with him. He has done a superb job, and we have celebrated fantastic successes together.

    Red Bulls earn Player and Goalkeeper of Season awards Laimer and Walke voted top by presidents, club managers and coaches Presidents, managers and coaches of the Tipico Bundesliga clubs elected Konrad Laimer and Alexander Walke as the winners. Konrad Laimer may be just 19, but he already has made 76 competitive appearances for the Red Bulls. The youngest player ever to be voted Player of the Year salzburg know delighted, saying: I am very proud as this honour is awarded by representatives of all the Austrian Bundesliga clubs; people really in the know.

    We still want to achieve a lot in the last six weeks ahead of us. It is a big step for Marco, and we are very proud that we have been able to have a coach like this develop with us in Salzburg.

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    We are keeping a close eye on the coaching market, which we know well of course, and we will be having some piaci érték társkereső in the weeks ahead. We will decide on a new coach when we are sure we have found the right person to take us forward.

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    We know that we don't have unlimited time, but we definitely won't allow ourselves to rush to a decision. Marco Rose adds: After all the speculation in recent months, it has become a fact at the start of the week. The fact is that I am set to salzburg know on a new challenge in the summer, and that new challenge is Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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    It was a difficult decision for me, but one I have made with complete certainty. It is important for me now to approach the challenges ahead for FC Red Bull Salzburg in the coming weeks with the salzburg know dedication and get the maximum success at the end.

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    There were a lot of arguments salzburg know to why I should stay in Salzburg. I know just how much I have to thank the club for. I was able to develop as a coach here and enjoy fantastic moments.

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    Now the cat is out of the bag, the focus needs to return to getting results - just as we have achieved in recent weeks, no matter the speculation going around. We still have a lot ahead of us this season and we will put everything in right to the end.