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Amp Ww know Your Audio Free yourself from having to use mediocre headphones. Sound BlasterX G1 powers headphones of up to Ω, which means you can use higher-rated headphones and yet experience thunderous audio from your games.

Available for Windows®, the fully customizable BlasterX Ww know Engine Pro gives you unprecedented control over your listening experience with audio realism and immersive audio effects that intelligently decreases distractions and enhances game play.

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From the whizz of bullets flying past your ear in your favorite FPS game to the ww know roar of a troll from an adventure title, the essence of your game comes alive with our professionally tweaked enhancements! X-Plus Mode Only when combined ww know the Sound BlasterX H5this mode allows you to change the sound signature of the H5 headset when it's connected to the G1 soundcard on a hardware level for an unfair advantage over your opponents through our ever expanding list of supported games!

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X-Plus mode accentuates the audio for things that really do matter in a competitive game while playing down emphasis on things that do not. Hear footsteps, gun shots and other audio cues clearer and better without the distraction of ambient noises.

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Best of all, the settings are programmed straight to the G1 so you can enjoy this setting wherever the tournament is without having to worry about software installations while on the go. X-Plus Ww know For competitive gaming?

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Use the X-Plus Configurator to program the G1 with a sound signature designed specifically for your game. The unique sound settings are programmed into the G1 so you have the added advantage wherever the tournament is without having to worry about software installations while on the go.

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This is the original audio playback recorded from Counter-strike: Global Offensive, without any effects applied. Spend less time discerning what you hear and react faster!

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X-Plus Mode offers the competitive edge you need.