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Awards About us We turn dining into experience. Our restaurant started in December in the heart of the city, a few steps away from the Basilica.

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If we want to describe Hot Stone Steakhouse with keywords only, they would be: - premium subetle burger dating ingredients, - tasty dishes, - a wide variety of excellent wines, - a special experience. We are most proud of the Hungarian grey cattle and Mangalitza from the Kiskunság National Park but of course, we have other delicacies on the menu, too.

Come and be a chef at your table!

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Videos Our concept Come and be a chef at your table! After ordering, you get the lava stone heated to °C °F on a ceramic plate and you can grill your amelynek flörtöl Steak with your own hands. Since the temperature of the lava stone is °C °Fthe meat has to be sliced into appropriate width according to what kind of steak our guests would like; the more done we want the meat, the narrower it has to be sliced!

But there is no need to worry, our experienced and subetle burger dating staff will help you prepare the meat and make sure that if you visit us in Hot Stone Steak House, you will have a great time with special memories.

Good to know that we do not use fat or oil when roasting so the food is not only tasty but healthy too!

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We comply with special regulations so we indicate the allergens at all our dishes making the choice easier for our guests who might need special dishes because of food intolerance. At first sight it reminds people of a sheep!

Sprung from the Japanese diary written by the 11th-century noblewoman known as Lady Sarashina, here was an hour of mysterious, compelling beauty.

The meat is high in beneficial minerals köztünk társkereső zinc, copper and iron and anti-oxidants, all of which combine to make Mangalitsa pork far healthier to eat than standard white pork. Surprisingly it also has good cholesterol content, which helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the human body.

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Hungarian Grey Cattle Hungarian cattle farming goes back many thousand years in history. The Hungarian Grey Cattle has been kept out on pastures even today, grazing on natural herbs, grass only. The unique taste of meat reflects the wealth of natural grass and flowers grown in Kiskunsági National park, from where we get the Fresh Meat to subetle burger dating Steakhouse.

Argentinian Angus Argentine beef and its production have played a major part in the culture of Argentina, from the asado to the history of the gauchos of the Pampas.

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Angus meat is synonymous with high consistency, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. Grass-fed cattle are living under more natural conditions, and are less likely to have hormone implants. Argentinian Subetle burger dating meat is famous as the best Meat in World, it also takes more time to raise an animal like this.